Odroid C2


The powerful 64-Bit Odroid-C2 comes with exceptional processing and connectivity features making it a smart choice for the developers. The Odroid-C2 1.5GHz (ARMv8) Amlogic Cortex-A53. The board also feature an impressive Mali-450 Graphics Processing Unit. You can also use this board for home automation, gaming, prototyping, set-top box, etc. It is compatible with Debian, Android, Arch-Linux, and Ubuntu Operating Systems. The processing unit is assisted by a 2Gbyte DDR3. In addition to WiFi and Ethernet support the board carries 40-Pin GPIO, 7-Pin I2S, and Video Encode/Decode support. 

Odroid-C2 Specifications

  • Processor: Amlogic Cortex-A53 Quad-Core 1.5GHz ARMv8
  • GPU: Mali-450 featuring 3x Pixel processors and a couple of Vertex Shader)
  • Memory: 2Gbyte SDRAM DDR3
  • eMMC 5.0 HS400 Slot (64GB Max.)
  • MicroSD Card Slot UHS-1 SDR50 (128GB Max.)
  • 4K/60Hz HDMI 2.0 Display support
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 264 4K/30FPS
  • 265 4K/60FPS
  • 7-Pin I2C port
  • 40-Pin GPIO port
  • 4x HOST 2.0 USB
  • 1x On-The-Go USB (support data as well as power supply)
  • Infrared Receiver
  • USB IEEE WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
  • Power Compatibility: 5V/2A
  • Dimensions = L (85mm) x W (56mm) x H (18mm)
  • Thickness (PCB) = 1.0mm
  • Weight without Heatsink = 40g
  • Weight with Heatsink = 56g


To save power consumption (when you’re not using OTG USB as power supply) you must remove the jumper from J1. The removal of the jumper will reduce the power consumption significantly and it will also reduce the heat generation.

You require an additional eMMC module or a MicroSD Card for the installation of the Operating System. eMMC module is the best option. MicroSD Card cannot perform as efficiently as an eMMC module.

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