NFC-RFID Expansion for Omega2

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NFC-RFID Expansion for Onion Omega

Contact-less communication between boards is the order of the day. Here comes NFC-RFID expansion for Omega2. This 96mm x 61mm (approx.) expansion board facilitates both RFID as well as NFC protocol reading and writing at 13.56MHz. The expansion is accompanied with a couple of Mifare Ultralight tags that are programmable.


  • Convenient plug into Arduino, Onion Expansion, and Power Dock
  • Enhances functionality of Omega2
  • Features PN532 Controller Chip


  • An RFID NFC Expansion for Onion Omega2
  • 2x 100-bytes storage NFC Sticker
  • Approximate Dimensions = 96mm x 61mm
  • Weight = 24 grams


NFC-RFID Expansion for Omega2 ensures effective, flawless and quick communication between the devices. The PN532 Controller Chip is the most reliable NFC chip and it is used in most of the modern-day smartphones.