NanoPi NEO2

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Gone are the days when the giants used to battle against each other because, in this tech-oriented world, the tiny boards dictate the terms and shape the future. The super-compact, NanoPi NEO2 is ready to surprise and amaze the developers with some extraordinary features. The NPi NEO2 features the traditional NEO form factor. Even having a smaller size, the board contains the USB HOST and Ethernet. If you are looking for a powerful board to ensure stable and speedy data transmission then don’t forget considering the NEO2. It is equally suitable for both, learners as well as professional developers.

NanoPi NEO2 Specifications

  • Allwinner H5 Cortex-A53 (64-bit) high-performance Quad-Core processor
  • Mali-450 (Hexa-Core) Graphics Processing Unit
  • 512MB DDR3
  • Ethernet RTL8211E-VB-CG (10/100/1000M)
  • 1x Type-A USB Host
  • 2x USB Pin Header
  • 1x MicroSD Slot to support storage and system boot
  • 1x Power LED
  • 1x System LED (blue color)
  • 54mm pitch GPIO Pin Header including SPI, IO, I2C and UART (Raspberry’s pin1-pin24 compatibility)
  • 54mm pitch GPIO (12 pin-header) accommodates USB, I2C, IR receiver, and IO
  • 54mm pitch Serial Debug Port (4-pin header)
  • 0mm pitch (4 pin-header) Audio input/output
  • L x W = 400mm x 40mm
  • 5V/2A Micro USB Power Supply (OTG)
  • Compatible with Ubuntu Core and U-Boot Operating Systems

NanoPi NEO2 Description

The Ubuntu Core and Armbian Images are ready for NanoPi NEO2. The 64-bit Quad-Core processor at 1.5GHz promises a high-level performance. You can make full use of the external storage, thanks to the MicroSD slot supporting up to 128GB. There seems only one drawback with the NPi NEO2 that 512MB DDR3 is not enough to fully support the Ethernet speed. 1GB RAM might have been a good choice to handle fast Ethernet speed. Overall, this tiny square board is a promising addition to the NanoPi family.

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