NanoPi NEO Air

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Nano Pi NEO Air

Just 7.5-grams…Yes, you read it right! The Nano Pi NEO Air (40mm-square) is 12% smaller and much faster as compared to the Raspberry Pi Zero. The pins on NPi NEO Air are compatible with the NEO v1.2. The board is compatible with the Raspberry GPIO. If you think that nothing could beat Pi NEO’s cuteness, then try NEO Air and I bet you, this board will change your mind. You can easily conclude that the NEO Air takes Pi NEO to a higher level. The board is incredibly thin because it doesn’t contain USB, Ethernet connectivity, and video connectivity. On the positive side, the board does facilitate the developers with WiFi, onboard antenna and Bluetooth. You can also attach an external antenna if you want.

NanoPi NEO Air

·         Allwinner Quad-Core H3 (1.2 GHz max.) Cortex-A7

·         512MB DDR3

·         Supports 8GB eMMC storage

·         WiFi 802.11b/g/n

·         4.0 Dual Mode Bluetooth

·         0.5mm pitch FPS Seat DVP Camera support (24-pin)

·         OTG MicroUSB power supply configured for 5V/2A Direct Current

·         1x MicroSD Slot

·         4-pin (2.54mm pitch) Debug Serial Port

·         24pin (2.54mm pitch) GPIO (Including SPI, UART, and I2C)

·         12-pin (2.54mm pitch) GPIO (Including 2x USB, SPDIF, IR and I2C)

·         L x W = 40mm x 40mm

·         Weighs only 7.5-grams (Excluding the Pin-Headers)

·         Six-Layer PCB

·         Designing to perform at a wider temperature range i.e. -40 to 80

·         Configured to support U-Boot, eFlasher, and Ubuntu-Core Operating Systems

NanoPi NEO Air Description

The NanoPi NEO Air is perhaps huge success in an attempt to decrease the size of the development boards. The weight is amazingly less but don’t forget that the weight mentioned in the description (7.5-grams) doesn’t include the weight of the pin-headers. The powerful processor and smaller size give NPi NEO Air an edge over the Raspberry Pi Zero.