NanoPi NEO

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NanoPi NEO


Another small, square development board hits the market to give a tough time to its competitors. This time it is the NanoPi NEO featuring ARM H3 Allwinner processing unit. NEO is an excellent board for professionals as well as offers a lot for the beginners to get into the field. NPi NEO is compatible with Ubuntu-MATE and Debian and Android Operating Systems. Though The NEO is pretty small but it still accommodates various interfaces including HOST USB, Ethernet, Debug Port and OTG USB.

NanoPi NEO Specifications

·         The NEO board is equipped with the reliable and fast Allwinner Quad-Core Cortex-A7 H3 (1.2GHz max.)

·         256MB and 512MB DDR3

·         Supports 10/100M Ethernet connectivity

·         1x Type-A USB HOST with a couple of 2.54mm pin

·         1x MicroSD Slot

·         1x OTG MicroUSB supports input power supply configured for 5V/2A Direct Current

·         4-Pin (254mm pitch) Debug Serial Port

·         2.0mm pitch 5-Pin header to support Audio input/output

·         2.54mm pitch 36-pin GPIO including IO, SPI, I2C, and UART

·         L x W = 40mm x 40mm

·         From -40 to 80working temperature range

·         14-grams weight excluding the Pin-Headers

·         Compatible with U-Boot, Android and Ubuntu-Core Operating Systems

NanoPi NEO Description

The compatibility with the Raspberry Pi boards triggers the demand for the Nano Pi boards and it is interesting that the NanoPi is trying to compete the Raspberry Pi. The NanoPi NEO is an impressive addition to the NanoPi family. It is good to see the WiFi and Ethernet connectivity features but this board may not attract the attention of the developers working on the projects that require graphics interface. The NPi NEO doesn’t feature HDMI output. But when we have a look at the performance/feature/price ratio, the NEO definitely justifies its release. Moreover, the board give you option to either go for a 256MB or a 512MB DDR3.