MKR2UNO Adapter

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MKR2UNO Adapter

Having problems with UNO Shield plugging? Here comes the official Arduino solution with the release of MKR2UNO Adapter. It is simple, effective and easy to handle. You just need to mount the adapter on to MKR1000, and it will take care of all the form factors to help you work efficiently on your projects.

MKR2UNO Adapter Specifications

·         The adapter supports an operating voltage of 3.3V

·         The input voltage limit for this adapter ranges from 6V to 16V. However, Arduino-recommended input voltage for MKR2UNO ranges from 7V to 12V

·         The adapter features 6 analog input pins

·         There is one analog output pin on MKR2UNO

·         It contains a total of 14 digital input/output pins

·         The adapter supports 700mA direct current for 3.3V pin

·         In case of the 5V pins, the adapter supports 700mA direct current

·         L x W = 68.6mm x 53.4mm

·         MKR2UNO weighs only 24-grams

MKR2UNO Adapter Description

Most of the electro-coding experts and beginners love working on MKR projects and this is why Arduino took a decision to release an adapter which could help the conversion of UNO form factor into the MKR. MKR2UNO adapter is the easiest way to address the form factor conversion problem. Backed by the official Arduino credibility, the adapter seems to be the perfect choice. Now, with the help of MKR2UNO, you can raise your level, upgrade the projects, and enjoy working on a powerful board.


MKR2UNO is NOT capable of Voltage Translation. You must only use it for the Form Factor conversion. Please bear in mind that the IOREF Shield connection is mandatory for the required conversion results. Ignoring the IOREF Shield connection will definitely result in an error.

Form Factor from MKR to UNO











All other pins have already been wired