MKR Relay Proto Shield

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MKR Relay Proto Shield

Arduino seems committed to the provision of maximum aid to the MKR Boards. MKR Relay Proto Shield makes it possible to add a couple of relays to enhance the functionality of MKR boards. A couple of pins have been allocated for each of the relays i.e. Pin-1 for RELAY1 and Pin-2 for RELAY2. That’s not it! The screw terminal blocks help ease the connectivity to various pins including analog input (from A1 to A4), supply voltages and I2C.

MKR Relay Proto Shield Specifications

·         The operating voltage for 3.3V on MKR Relay Proto Shield depends on the MKR board connected to the shield

·         The relays feature three connection-types including NC, COM, and NO

·         Compatible with the boards powered by the battery

·         Connections are fairly easy to establish, thanks to the screw terminal blocks

·         MKR Relay Proto Shield is capable of carrying 2A current

The maximum operating voltage for MKR Relay Proto Shield ranges from 125VAC to 60VDC

·         The shield is configured for 1A (maximum) operating current

·         The switching capacity of the shield is 30V / 62.50VA

MKR Relay Proto Shield Description

There can’t be anything more convenient to ensure easy relay-command on an MKR board. The shield features a trademark Arduino design. The neat finishing of the slightly curved edges is quite impressive.

The prototyping area may feel a bit smaller than you would have expected but it works extremely well to accommodate additional components during a project. You may connect this shield with any MKR board as long as the board is powered by a battery. 

The solder-alloys and components on the shield are compatible with RoHS Directive which helps to restrict additional accumulation of lead, mercury, PBB, PBDE, cadmium and hexavalent chromium. The shield is backed by CE and FCC safety labels.