MKR Proto Shield

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MKR Proto Shield

Do you think prototyping isn’t an option on the MKR Board? Think again! Arduino never disappoints; to keep up with the expectations of the electro-coding gurus, the company keeps on working hard help cope with the issues. MKR Proto Shield is available help MKR Boards perform even better. The headers (male/female) ensure the quick and easy connection of the shield with the MKR board. For each pin, the shield carries a duplicate breakout. It also carries through-holes (solderable 0.1” Grid-2.54mm).

MKR Proto Shield Specifications

·         The MKR Proto Shield contains 21 Digital input/output pins

·         Out of 21 digital pins, 7 have been reserved for analog input

·         The number of PWM channels and Analog Output pins depends on the MKR board

·         The MKR board’s specifications will determine the mA value for the direct current for each input/output pin

·         The mA value for 3.3V pin (direct current) also depends on the connected board

·         The value of direct current for 5V pins also corresponds to the connected MKR board

·         L x W = 61.5mm x 25mm

·         The Shield is incredibly lightweight i.e. 13-grams only

 MKR Proto Shield Description

Arduino does well when it comes to expansions to facilitate additional features for better performance and upgraded functionality of the boards, and the shields have been consistently helping the professionals throughout the years. MKR Proto Shield seconds the fact that you can easily work on the boards for advanced projects by making minor adjustments.

If you work on an MKR Board and also want to perform prototyping then, certainly, this shield is for you. It offers easy connectivity, it carries only 13-grams and its dimensions are compact. There is no need to worry about the PWM and mA values because the shield follows the configurations of the connected MKR board.