Mini Dock


If you are working on the applications which don’t need GPIO pins, then Mini Dock should be a reliable assistance to your Omega module. The Dock features smaller form factor, making it highly suitable for the wireless applications. You can easily work with wireless printing, extend Wi-Fi range and make better use of wireless video streaming. The built-in USB port makes it possible to use plug&play devices with Omega module. Direct access of Omega-terminal to computer is now possible with the help of the on-board USB-Serial chip.

Mini Dock Specifications

  • The Micro-USB Port supports 5V to power the Mini Dock
  • Supports the USB Host Port with 5V
  • Voltage adjustment to 3.3V to facilitate Omega’s power requirement

Mini Dock Features 

  • The Dock features one Micro USB Port
  • One USB-A Port
  •  A Reset Button
  • A Power Switch
  • Smaller dimensions i.e. L x W = 4.3cm x 2.7cm 

Mini Dock Description

The USB-Serial Chip empowers the Mini Dock to materialize convenient communication. Next, to the USB connector, you’ll find the Reset Button. You can press it whenever there is a need for the quick Omega reboot. Holding down the Reset Button for 10 seconds will trigger Omega’s factory restoration. 

Smaller size is suggestive of better performance and convenience and it holds true in the case of Mini Dock for Omega. Lack of available space during the projects should not halt the proceedings and this is why Mini Dock is highly recommended. Ideally, this Dock promises a lot for wireless networking projects. The inclusion of the regulator circuit ensures a stable power (3.3V) to the Omega module. The Dock also helps convenient access to the bootloader. Overall, it is an impressive alternative to an Expansion Dock and an ideal choice if you don’t require the Expansion Headers.