M.2 dual Ethernet Module Kit


M.2 dual Ethernet Module Kit - FEATURES

When the M.2 dual Ethernet Module Kit accessory is plugged into M.2 slot CN20, the UDOO X86 board will offer three different Gigabit Ethernet ports. 

Screws/Spacers NOT included. The screws/Spacers are included only buying a UDOO X86 Board. The required Screws/Spacers are the following: 

  • M3x12mm Flat head Screw;
  • 6mm Round Spacer;
  • 0.5mm Flat washers;
  • M3 Hex Nut.

Buy NOW the Screws and spacers kit for M.2 accessories mounting. 

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M.2 dual Ethernet Module Kit includes: 

  • An M.2 2260 module, which embeds a PCI-e packet switch. It virtually separates the PCI-e x2 Port, coming from the UDOO X86 board (through M.2 Slot CN20), into two separated PCI-e ports, each one used specifically to manage a Gigabit Ethernet controller. The Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, coming from the controllers, are then carried to a connector type HR;
  • A1014WVA-S-2x15P or equivalent (2 x 15p, male, straight, P1, low profile, polarised);
  • A daughter-board, which mounts a connector identical to that available on the main M.2 module and two RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet connectors with integrated transformer:
  • Twisted pairs connecting cable, to connect the M.2 module with the daughter-board.