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KKSB ROCK64 Case | Black and White Steel Enclosure

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This ROCK64 protective case is designed specifically for the ROCK64 SBC and provides a durable and efficient solution to keep your device safe and secure.

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Technical Details
  • Brand: KKSB Cases
  • Compatible SBC: ROCK64
  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Black & White Powder-Coating
  • connectors Support: Cutouts for USB Ports and other important connectors
  • GPIO Access: Cutout for GPIO Cable
  • Ventilation: Air vents on the cover with a small fan included for better airflow
Outer Dimensions


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Durable and Minimal Design

Constructed from steel, this ROCK64 enclosure is designed to be sturdy and long-lasting. The black and white powder-coated finish provides a sleek and stylish look while also protecting against scratches, dings, and other signs of wear and tear.


This ROCK64 Steel Case has cutouts for most ROCK64 interfaces and peripherals, you can be sure that your device will fit securely and function seamlessly within the case. The dedicated cutout for the GPIO cable allows you to connect to the 40-pin GPIO header on the ROCK64 SBC without having to remove the device from the case. This feature provides a convenient and hassle-free solution for users who need to access the GPIO.


The case cover features ventilation cutouts to ensure that your device stays cool and operates efficiently. The included small fan also helps to improve air circulation and prevent overheating.

Some Examples of Possible Applications

  • Media Centers: The compact and stylish design of the case makes it perfect for building a compact media center that can be easily integrated into your home entertainment setup.
  • Retro Gaming: The case can be used to build a compact and portable retro gaming machine, allowing you to enjoy classic games on the go.
  • Robotics: The case is well-suited for building robots, as it provides protection for the SBC while also providing easy access to the GPIO header for connecting sensors and other components.
  • Industrial Automation: The case is rugged and durable, making it well-suited for use in industrial automation applications where reliability and durability are critical.
  • Educational Tools: The case can be used to build educational tools and experimentation platforms for students, making it an ideal solution for STEM education and hands-on learning.

Items Included

  • KKSB ROCK64 Case
  • Fasteners
  • Case Fan

ROCK64 is NOT included.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This is a nice compact, sturdy case. SBC fits perfectly! Price is ok for the quality and material

Ahmed O.

The case has one of the best designs for the Rock64. Everything is easily accessible and tinkering with the Rock64 is pretty much tool-less!

The cutouts in my unit didn't fit the Rock64 PCB perfectly so that was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, it's very functional and great case, would recommend.