KKSB Odroid XU4 / XU4Q Machined Aluminium


This is a machined premium case made by KKSB-Cases but it is still affordable. The case fits Hardkernel's Odroid XU4 or XU4Q board.

CNC milled from solid aluminium 6061 and hard anodized grey. The advantage is that you will have a very rigid case and the case is directly connected the boards CPU with 2mm thermal pads. It will make the whole case will cool down the boards hottest components. That’s mean you can operate the board fanless and that gives quiet experience.

The design is minimal but also have features like push-button & two light pipes. 4 rubber feet make the case stable to the surface where the case is placed.

Four screws are supplied to connect bottom and top.

On the backside, there are holes to be able to mount the case on a wall.

  • Supports the Odroid Xu4 & Xu4Q 
  • Built-in Heat Sink 
  • Easy Assembly: Place the thermal pad on your Odroid, put your Odroid inside the case, and screw the bottom of the case on! 
  • SD Card Access 
  • Includes Thermal Pad & Rubber Feet

Customer Reviews

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hot :)

Very nice case, but it can get very hot to the point that you can’t handle the case.
BUT this was expected.