KKSB Odroid N2 Aluminum Case

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Odroid N2 is one of the most advanced single board computers.  You need a case with precise cutouts to facilitate all PCB connectors. KKSB Odroid N2 Case is made of aluminium. This aluminium structure is more reliable and robust and easy to install. The casing, as usual, is a 2-piece enclosure. Aluminium is flexible which means that you could easily insert the PCB into the right place with little effort. There are rubber feet at the base which contribute to the stability on different surfaces. The top of the lid has extended air-vents and a large opening to access GPIO Header. The KKSB ODROID-N2 Case comes with a couple of Light Pipes (LED Indicators) representing SYS and PWR.

The KKSB Odroid N2 Case Aluminium is designed in Sweden, with simple functional design.

This is an Odroid N2 Case that is made from aluminium. The design is such that only one section of the case is required to effectively mount and protect the full PCB.

The finish of the case is a black textured powder coating, with Rubber feet included that can keep the enclosure stable on flat surfaces.An Indication light piece for the LED's is included to display the SYS and PWR indications through the casing.

Features of KKSB Odroid N2 Case (Aluminum)

  • Designed and manufactured by KKSB-Cases
  • Made of single-piece high-grade aluminium (powder-coated)
  • Available in black colour
  • Exclusively designed to fit with Odroid N2
  • Supports the onboard heatsink
  • Rubber feet for additional stability
  • Cutouts for GPIO Ribbon, 4x USB Ports, Audio, Ethernet, HDMI, etc.
  • Extended air-vents


  • The offer DOES NOT include Odroid N2 board