KKSB NanoPi M1 Plus Case (Aluminum)

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The KKSB Nano Pi M1 Plus Aluminium Case is intended for use with the Nano Pi M1 Plus. The case is built from metal with quick and easy assembly through an integrated snap design (no screws required).

Technical Details
  • Official product from KKSB Case
  • Made of high-grade aluminium alloy
  • Available in Black & White Color combination
  • Powder-coated finishing
  • Designed exclusively for NanoPi M1 Plus
  • The bottom features mounting holes
  • The package contains 4 self-clinging standoffs
  • 2-piece casing snap-fits the lid with the bottom
  • Cutouts for USB, HDMI, Audio Jack, Ethernet Jack, etc.
  • Air-vents on top and also along the sides walls
Outer Dimensions


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Multi-OS Compatibility

Nano Pi M1 Plus works with u-boot, Debian, Ubuntu-Core, eflasher and Android. The Nano Pi M1 Plus runs Ubuntu Core. Ubuntu is a minimal OS that typically requires users to remotely connect to the device from another machine via the command line.

Sleek and Sturdy Case

The material of this case is an aluminium alloy that is respectfully finished with a powder-coated black lid and white powder-coated base. Provisions have been made to fit the board's onboard integral features, given with access through the case to the connector pins featured. This case suits professional and personal applications, providing a rigid and high-quality case for all projects.

Mounting Options

The board is possible to mount with the two integrated holes, alternatively, rubber feet are included to allow use on most surfaces. The board itself is supported by 4 self-clinching standoffs and mounted within the case with 4 screws.

Delicate and Minimal Design

This is yet another demonstration of delicate and minimal design from KKSB-Cases. It is specifically designed to support your NanoPi M1 Plus so that you don’t have to waste time and effort on modifications. Even if you want to modify it for some reason, the drilling is easy because the walls are only 1mm thick.

Please note: The board is not included in this item.


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