KKSB Nano Pi M1 Plus Case

Article Number
KKSB Nano Pi M1 Plus Case: 110234

This Metal case is used for Nano Pi M1 Plus from FriendlyArm and is one part of some of the best cases for protecting the board because of the rigid design. The Nano Pi M1 Plus is used by geeks and makers around the world. 

Nano Pi M1 Plus works with u-boot, Debian, Ubuntu-Core, eflasher and Android.
The Nano Pi M1 Plus runs Ubuntu Core. Ubuntu is a minimal OS that typically requires users to remotely connect to the device from another machine via the command line.
The case material of the case is of alloyed aluminum. It is powder coated black top and white powder coat bottom part. 
The case is adapted to the board's features. 
The case also suits companies to provide a rigid and high-quality case for projects.
The board is possible to mount with the two integrated holes. The board is supported by 4 self-clinching standoffs and mounted to the case with 4 screws.
The top and bottom part snaps together without any screws.

The board is not included in this item.

Hardware Spec for Nano Pi M1 Plus:
CPU: Allwinner H3, Quad-core Cortex-A7@1.2GHz
GPU: Mali400MP2@600MHz,Supports OpenGL ES2.0
Connectivity: 1 x Power Button and 1 x Reset Button
Storage: 8GB eMMC
USB Host: USB 2.0 x 3, 2 x USB Type A and 1 x 2.54mm pitch pin-header
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
Antenna Interface: Shared by WiFi and Bluetooth, IPX interface
Audio input/output Port 3.5mm jack/Via HDMI,HDMI 1.4 1080P, CVBS
Bluetooth: 4.0 dual mode
IR: onboard IR receiver
Microphone: onboard microphone
microSD Slot: 1
micro USB: power input and data transmission, OTG
DVP Camera Interface: 24pin, 0.5mm pitch FPC seat
GPIO: 40pin, 2.54mm pitch pin-header, compatible with RasberryPi 2's GPIO. It contains UART, SPI, I2C, I2S/PCM, SPDIF-OUT and IO
Serial Debug Port: 4Pin, 2.54mm pitch pin-header
PCB Dimension: 64 x 60 mm, ENIG
Power: DC 5V/2A
Working temperature: -30℃ to 80℃
OS: u-boot, Debian, Ubuntu-Core, eflasher, Android