KKSB 7-Inch TouchScreen Stand for Raspberry Pi


KKSB Raspberry Pi Display Stand

Looking for a reliable, strong yet professional looking stand for your Raspberry Pi 7-inch display? Congrats, you’ve just reached the right place! We offer the promising KKSB Raspberry Pi Display Stand at a surprisingly low price. Surprising, because it is made of high-grade steel, the surface is powder coated and sand finished, and despite all these amazing features, the price is too low to imagine. Make your decision and grab one for yourself before it is too late. It is equally suitable for your personal room, work-area and the office etc. 


  • Official KKSB Release
  • Designed exclusively for The official Raspberry Pi 7-Inch display unit
  • Top-quality metallic composition i.e. High-Grade Steel
  • Powder coated and sand finished
  • Suitable for all settings
  • Cutouts for all connectors on the display unit
  • Dimensions (mm) = L (200mm) x W (150mm) x H (167mm)
  • Weight = 850-grams


This is a classic stand which not only bears reliability but also reflects the art adding to the aesthetics. The KKSB Raspberry Pi 7-inch display stand is something, the likes of which are hard to find on the internet. The stand has been curved at fine angles to make it look more attractive. This is a compact and delicate unit you need to consider for your Raspberry Pi 7-inch screen and your development board. It keeps things well intact and makes easier for you to work on different projects. You need to worry about scattered components, wires and devices. It keeps everything well organized.

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Solid product, fantastic customer service!