Jumper Cable Kit (10 Colors / 14 Lengths)


For newbies, dealing with a bunch of cables might be irritating because the identification of the right cable becomes difficult and chances of error rise with the increasing number of cables. But there is no need to worry when you have a set of different cables with different lengths and colors. This Jumper Cable Kit has 140 cables. There are 10 color-sets each with 14 length-sets (10x14=140). And these cables come inside a reliable box with different sections to properly store the cables without letting them entangle with each other.

Colors of Jumper Cables

  1. Orange
  2. Purple
  3. Red
  4. Pink
  5. Brown
  6. White
  7. Yellow
  8. Green
  9. Grey
  10. Blue

Lengths of Jumper Cables

  1. 125mm
  2. 100mm
  3. 75mm
  4. 50mm
  5. 25mm
  6. 22mm
  7. 20mm
  8. 17mm
  9. 15mm
  10. 12mm
  11. 10mm
  12. 07mm
  13. 05mm
  14. 02mm

Box of the Jumper Cable Kit

The Jumper Cable Kit comes with a transparent box which is made of plastic. Inside the box, there are different sections which let you keep the cables well-arranged without letting them mix up. The dimensions of the box are 165mm x 55mm x 100mm and there is sufficient space to contain all 140 cables in an organized manner.