GPS Expansion Onion Omega


Looking for a reliable GPS extension for Omega? Here comes a magnificent and efficient solution to enable positioning system for Onion Mega, powered by Beidou and GPS. The GPS Expansion for Onion Omega features a GPS antenna. You don’t need to look for an external antenna connector, thanks to the built-in u.FL. It is reliable and efficient featuring an amazing 1.8m accuracy. GPS Expansion facilitates 22 tracking channels in addition to 66 search channels. With a maximum update rate of 10Hz, the board helps its performance with an impressive sensitivity i.e. 165dBM.

GPS Expansion Specification

  • The board features 1.8m accuracy
  • Offers 66 search channels
  • Offers 22 tracking channels
  • 165dBM Sensitivity 
  • Positioning Systems include i. GPS ii. Beidou (Chinese)
  • 10Hz Update Rate

GPS Expansion Hardware Specs

  • Features NEO-6M (u-blox) GPS receiver to ensure excellent performance
  • 6 Positioning Engine (u-blox)
  • Supports GPS data transfer over USB
  • GPS Antenna
  • FL Antenna Connector (built-in)
  • No need for expansion headers
  • Also compatible with a Mini Dock

GPS Expansion ublox Chip

ublox chip is vital to generate the desired results. The information which comes from the antenna needs to be translated. ublox translates it into NMEA message, hence making it possible for Omega to read the information.

GPS Expansion Power Supply

GPS Expansion doesn’t require an external power supply. The USB connector does it for the board by receiving power from the attached Dock. At the same time, the USB connector performs its communication (data transfer) duties between GPS expansion and Onion Omega.

GPS Expansion at Work

Once connected to the Omega, the setup is ready to help you with the creation of geo-data projects. For instance, the OLED expansion in the combination of the GPS expansion can create a navigation system. If you want GPS Expansion to help you with fun activities, try working on your own treasure-hunt game.


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