GPIO-referenskort för Raspberry Pi


No complexities whatsoever! The new GPIO Reference Card for Raspberry Pi makes it extremely simple to connect wires with the module. 


  • Notifies if the cables are connected the right way
  • Compact size (52x22x0.8mm)
  • Lightweight (1.7-grams)
  • Pins divided into relevant categories i.e. IO, I2C, SPI, Power, and UART. 
  • Idiot-Proof; it doesn’t work if connected backward. Even if, by mistake, you try to place it the other way round, it wouldn’t fit on to the pins unless you place the chip in the right direction. 
  • Easy installation; just sliding over GPIO header makes the chip ready to get connected to the cables

Simplified Connectivity

Before the introduction of a GPIO reference card for Raspberry Pi, it was a tough ask to determine the right place for the right cable. It took hours to go through the complex charts and values before deciding where a particular cable is going to rest.

GPIO reference card has not only simplifies things but it also saves a lot of time which was previously spent in trying and testing various slots for cables. This thin rectangular chip is no less than a miracle. It contains values and reference points for Input/Output connectors. Mounting the chip over the module is easy as you like and the pins will do the rest.

After placing the chip over the pins, the chip moves slightly downwards, leaving enough space for the cable-heads to hold the pins nice and tight. The chip contains the markings signifying the function each pin. 

The width of the chip is fairly comfortable to make it sit over the module without covering the things underneath. The value, numbering, and function is specified in clear writings making it virtually impossible to make a mistake. Overall, this GPIO Reference Card for Raspberry Pi is nothing less than a revolutionary product for Raspberry Pi lovers.