Expansion Dock


Onion Omega is a great platform and it continues to amaze us timely and effective upgrades. The Expansion Dock is yet another excellent assistance for Omega in an attempt to help it receive power from Micro-USB but this isn’t the primary objective though. The purpose is to free (break out) GPIO pins to make room for more expansions. When it comes to Onion and Arduino boards, expansions play a huge role in broadening the scope of the projects. The direct connection with the computer terminal is now possible, thanks to the USB-Serial chip (onboard). 

Expansion Dock Specifications

  • The Dock features a Micro-USB-Port
  • Serial and Power terminal access available
  • Includes an RGB LED (Onboard)
  • Comes with a Reset Button
  • Also contains a Power Switch
  • The Dock features 30 Pin Expansion Header

Expansion Dock Features

  • Frees the GPIO Pins on Omega’s Expansion HeaderEnables the connection of the external circuits
  • Direct connection of Omega with different USB devices
  • For factory restore, you can reboot Omega just by pressing the Reset Button for 10 seconds
  • The power switch allows you the switch Omega ON or OFF as per your requirement 

Working of Expansion Dock 

If you think that your Omega lacks behind in terms of functionality, try presenting it with a perfect companion, the Expansion Dock. It helps Omega’s performance, increases the level of convenience and makes it possible for Omega to accommodate more expansions to generate quick and effective results during your projects.  

To increase the performance, efficiency, and stability of an Omega device, there is nothing more effective and convenient than a Dock. The inclusion of regular circuit to the Expansion Dock ensure the consistent provision of 3.3V for the optimal performance of Omega. Let’s not forget that the Expansion Dock has been configured for the compatibility with all Omega Expansions.