Speed and connectivity is the order of the day. The Ethernet Expansion for Omega facilitates the system with 100Mb/s (Maximum). The veterans are mindful of the fact that wireless connectivity is the prime feature of Onion Omega. If, while working with Omega, the system lacks reliable wireless connectivity for one reason or the other, it will be huge setback. If you want to work speedily and help boost your projects then Ethernet Expansion promises a lot. Are you worried about bricked Omega-software? There is no more room for regret because Ethernet Expansion will help you re-flash the firmware. 

Ethernet Expansion Features

  • Helps with fast firmware flash
  • Helps Omega with fast wireless connectivity (100MB/sec. Max.)
  • Offers wireless network bridge to establish a network connection with wired devices
  • Support modem connection. With this features, you can convert a modem into a router for Omega  


Ethernet Expansion requires the connection with the Ethernet pins (on Omega). It means that you can’t connect more than one Ethernet Expansions simultaneously.

The Ethernet Expansion requires is compatible with a Dock that features Expansion Headers. For instance, Power Dock, Expansion Dock, Arduino Dock R2 etc. are compatible with the Ethernet Expansion.

Working of Ethernet Expansion

The prime objective of the Ethernet Expansion is to facilitate Onion Omega with an Ethernet port. The benefit of this expansion is that it makes it possible to bridge the wired devices. This set up doesn’t disturb the wireless functionality. The best part is that if for one reason or the other, Omega software gets bricked (corrupted) you can re-flash it easily and quickly. Ethernet expansion feature a standard Ethernet port. Not only that it is convenient but also pretty effective.

Make sure that you feel/hear the click when plugging the Ethernet with the jack. While disconnection, press the cord downwards to help it from the lock mechanism.