ESP-01F Ultra-Small WiFi Module (ESP8285) with External Spring Antenna


If you want to optimize wireless communication to support projects involving requiring wireless connectivity then take a look at the ESP-11F Ultra-Small WiFi Module. This Module is based on ESP8285. If features SMD18 and 9Mbit Flash (builtin). It weighs just 1 gram and measures only 11mm x 10mm. Thanks to the AT Firmware (Pre-Flashed) you can control the ESP-01F WiFi module through UART AT commands. It facilitates flexible and fast prototyping thanks to the MCU integration which supports Lua, Micropython, and Arduino, etc. ESP-01F WiFi module is a good option especially if you are working on IoT projects. The module comes with an external spring antenna for efficient wireless communication.

Features of ESP-01F Ultra-Small WiFi Module (ESP8285)

  • WiFi SoC 802.11b/g/n
  • L106 Tensilica (integrated) ultra-low-power 32-Bit Micro MCU (80MHz/160MHz compatible)
  • Supports RTOS
  • 10-bit/1-channel high-precision ADC (builtin)
  • Supports UAR, GPIO, PWM, I2C, and ADC
  • Comes with SMD18
  • LNA/MAC/PA/BB/RF WiFi integrated
  • Buadrate 4Mbps (max.) UART
  • 20uA Deep-Sleep current (multi-sleep mode supported)
  • STA+AP, AP, ATA, operation modes supported
  • Embedded Lwip protocol stack
  • Supports FOTA remote firmware upgrade
  • Supports local firmware upgrade (UART)
  • AT commands supported to control the module
  • One-Key Networking Smart Support for Config App, and AirKiss (WeChat)
  • Supports secondary development for Windows and Linux environments
  • Comes with an external spring antenna
  • CE and FCC Certified
  • Weight: 1 gram (0.001 Kg)
  • Dimensions: 11mm x 10mm x 2mm

Applications of ESP-01F Ultra-Small WiFi Module (ESP8285)

If you are looking to optimize the performance of your IoT devices via reliable WiFi support then ESP-01F WiFi module can support a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • IP Camera
  • Smart Home
  • Intelligent Agriculture
  • Intelligent Building
  • Wearable Devices
  • Industrial Automation


  • 1x ESP-01F Ultra-Small WiFi Module (ESP8285)
  • 1x External Spring Antenna

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