Camera Module V2


The new Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 seconds the fact that Raspberry Pi has no parallel when it comes to the blend of precision and quality. The upgraded Raspberry Pi camera module carries an 8-MP Sony IMX219. The previous version came with 5MP OV 5647 so it’s a definite progress in terms of camera sensor.


  • 8MP Sony IMX219 capable of producing a high-quality i.e. 3280x2464 pixel resolution
  • On-Board Focus Lens (Fixed)
  • Offers the following the video recording resolutions:
    • 1080p30
    • 720p60
    • 640x480p90
  • Suitable size for Raspberry Pi boards (25x23x9mm)
  • Ultra-Lightweight i.e. 3-grams
  •  The package contains a ribbon cable which connects the camera to the Raspberry Pi board
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 is Compatible with Raspberry Pi and Raspbian Operating Systems (Latest Versions Included)
  • Official Raspberry Pi production

Custom Design for Raspberry Pi 

Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched the upgraded camera module keeping in mind all the aspects of Raspberry Pi boards. Camera Module v2 should be your priority rather than a camera that isn’t specifically produced for Raspberry Pi models. With Raspberry Pi Cameras, you don’t need to flirt with the hardware and board-configurations. The fixed-focus lens of Module v2 has been exclusively designed for Raspberry Pi boards. 

The camera connects to the CSI interface and there is no need whatsoever for the external power supply. You simply need to attach it to the small socket without even a hint of hustle or complication.

Overall, Module v2 is a smart option for Raspberry Pi users. Even if you don’t have a prior Raspberry Camera experience, you’ll find the Module v2, an easy-to-live-with upgrade to you your Pi board. 


Don’t try to use the Module v2 cable as a replacement for Raspberry Pi Zero or vice versa. These cables aren’t compatible with alternative camera modules.