Battery Shield Arduino


18650 battery! Probably the best power source for the sophisticated boards and same holds true in the case of power supply to Arduino boards. There are scores of 18650 versions and it’ll not be wise to blindly select one. Not only a credible battery, but you also require a reliable battery shield to avoid an unfortunate failure or damage to the board. 18650 Battery Shield v3 is now available to keep the 18650 battery in a safe surrounding. 

18650 Battery Shield v3 Specifications


  • The revised version of 18650 Battery Shield feature a Micro US (input) port
  •  It also features a USB (Type-A Output) port
  • The shield is configured for 0.5A charging
  • USD output control switch
  • Supports an input voltage range from 5V to 8V
  • Configured for 3V/1A and 5V/2A Outputs
  • Features LED charging indicators
  • The battery shield features 3 output ports for 3V
  • In addition to the 3V output ports, there are 3 output ports for 5V

18650 Battery Shield v3 Description 

The revised version, 18650 Battery Shield v3 is fully compatible with various computational boards including Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The shield protection ensures that the output current doesn’t go above the 2A limit. If you want your 18650 battery stays safe and the overcurrent doesn’t damage the board, this updated battery shield should be your choice. 

Without proper battery protection, the overcurrent may set the battery and the board on flames. Flirting with the electronics has never been a wise idea, especially when you have proper protective shields.


Make sure follow the proper + , - (terminal) direction when setting up the battery shield. A slight negligence could set the battery in opposite direction resulting in the instant failure/destruction of the chip.

Since it only a battery shield, hence the offer doesn’t include the 18650 battery unit.