Arduino Zero

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Arduino Zero

Need an effective yet simple extension (32-bit)? There is no parallel to Arduino Zero when it comes to the performance enhancement of a board to make it more efficient for different projects. Arduino Zero is an exceptional product for all the programmers who need to learn more about the development of 32-bit applications. It is equally useful for IoT devices, high-tech automation, wearable technology, and robotics. Zero features SAMD21 MCU (from Atmel). ARM Cortex M0+ core (32-bit) makes it a perfect board extension. The impressive debug interface doesn’t require extra hardware support. Zero is the best choice for software-debug programming. The virtual COM, compatible with EDBG, makes it super-easy to program the bootloader.

Specifications of Arduino Zero  

·         ATSAMD21G18 ARM Cortex M0+ (32-bit) Microcontroller

·         Compatible with 3.3V of operating voltage

·         20 pins (Digital input/output) which include 10 PWM pins

·         2 Native/Programming UART

·         6 Analog Input Pins (12-bit ADC)

·         1 Analog output 10-bit DAC pin

·         All 20 pins feature external interrupts (excluding the pin number 4)

·         Supports 7mA Direct Current for each input/output pin

·         Features 256KB of Flash Memory

·         32KB SRAM

·         13 Built-in LEDs

·         48MHz (Clock speed)

·         L x W = 68mm x 53mm

·         Weighs only 12-grams


Most of the Arduino/Genuino boards don’t support 3.3V but the case is different with Arduino Zero as it run at 3.3V. The input/output pins cannot stand over 3.3V so need to be careful of this aspect to keep the pins safe. Same condition applies to the shields. You mustn’t try any other shield that doesn’t support 3.3V.

Everything required to support the board is already mounted on it. All you need to do is to connect the board to the computer via micro-USB. Otherwise, you also have the options of using an AC-DC adapter for power supply.