Arduino Mini Rev05


It is amazing to see Arduino, somehow, managing to play smart by shortening the size every now and then. Arduino Mini Rev05 measuring just 30mm x 18mm is suggestive of the unmatched technological precision. Don’t be deceived by the smaller size, Mini 05 is powerful, reliable, fast and extremely efficient. Unlike Arduino Nano, Mino 05 doesn’t feature a USB-Serial connectivity.

Arduino Mini Rev05 Specifications

  • Mini 05 comes with an ATmega328P microcontroller
  • Like most of the Arduino boards, Mino 05 also support an operating voltage of 5V
  • Compatible with an input voltage from 7V to 9V
  • Mini 05 features 14 Digital input/output pins
  • 6 of the 14 pins have been allocated to PWM channel
  • The remaining 8 pins support analog input. 4 of these analog inputs have been broken out onto pins
  • Mini 05 is powers each input/output pin with 40mA direct current
  • Mini 05 supports the microcontroller with 32KB Flash memory
  •  2KB of the Flash Memory has been reserved for the bootloader
  • 2KB SRAM
  • Mino 05, like most of the Arduino boards, feature 16MHz clock speed
  • L x W = 30mm x 18mm (Compact size is the prime features of Mini 05)

Arduino Mini Rev05 Description

Originally, Mini 05 features ATmega168 microcontroller but this upgraded version comes with an impressive ATmega328P, best for the breadboards. The board is compatible with RS232, USB serial, and TTL serial adapters. The inclusion of the new microcontroller makes it possible to for the board to contain all the components on top. The reset button is available on the board. The configuration of the 14 pins is same in Arduino Mini Rev 04.


Please bear in mind that you MUST NOT supply over 9V to Arduino Mini. Also, make sure that you DON’T plug it BACKWARD because it will instantly damage the board.