Arduino Micro


Small, smaller, & smallest is the order of the day and Arduino Micro holds true to the modern-day technological preferences. This tiny board makes it possible to integrate various objects to interact with the board. Featuring the ATmega32U4 in addition to the built-in USB, the Micro is an innovative release from Arduino. The USB (Built-in) helps the board to connect just like a keyboard or a mouse.

Arduino Micro Specifications

  • ATmega32UA Microprocessor
  • Supports 5V (operating voltage)
  • From 7V to 12V recommended input voltage
  • Voltage limit ranges from 6V to 20V
  • 20 Digital Input/Output Pins
  • 7 PWM channels
  • 12 analog input channels
  • Supports 20mA Direct Current for each input/output pin
  • Features 50mA Direct Current for 3.3V pins
  • 32KB Flash Memory for microcontroller
  • 4KB Flash memory for bootloader
  • 5KB SRAM
  • 16MHz clock speed
  • L x W = 48mm x 18mm
  • Incredibly lightweight i.e. 13-grams

Arduino Micro Description

The Micro is equipped with full support which is required to help the microcontroller perform at its best. You only need a micro USB to establish a connection with the computer. The form factor is highly suitable in accordance with the breadboard requirements.

As far as the microcontroller and built-in USB are concerned, the Micro is the same as the Arduino Leonardo. You don’t need a secondary processor to support the board. It enables the board to be identified just like the plug&play devices.


Warning from Arduino

To deal with the overcurrent and short-circuits, the Micro features a Polyfuse (resettable) to protect USB ports. Regardless of the fact that most of the computers come with the protection system against overcurrent, Polyfuse serves as additional protection. You need to be mindful of the fact that over 500mA will force the Polyfuse to break the connection. 


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