Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB)

Designing MEGA-Standard Arduino Pinout custom circuits has now become easier than ever before. The Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB) is arguably the most advanced and user-friendly solution to customized circuit designing. The shield is also compatible with solderless breadboards. You can work on your own design by soldering parts as per your requirements. The prototyping area is fairly suitable to pace things up during the soldering process.

Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB) Specifications

·         Arduino Pinout 1.0

·         Features an ICSP Connector

·         Contains a Reset Button

·         50-mils pitch Footprint features 14 SMD pins

·         32 Through Hole pads (Double-Row)

·         Features breakout layout (Standard Arduino)

·         Prototyping area offers 100-mils pitch multiple-THT pads

·         L x W = 101.5mm x 53.3mm

·         Weighs only 13-grams

Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB) Description

The shield features additional connections for Arduino MEGA Input/Outpin Pins. There is enough space to accommodate integrated circuits. The additional space on the shield facilitates the accommodation of through-holes. Overall, Mega Pro Shield is an impressive solution for single module custom-circuit designs.

The GND and Arduino Standard 5V pins help the provision of power to the shield. If you want to mount the shield on a case or attach it to a surface, you’ll need to tighten the three screw holes available on the shield. It is important to notice that the pin-7 and pin-8 feature 160-mil displacement. The distance between the remaining pins follows the standard x100-mil rule.

The 5V RND and GND pins have been connected to the respective header-pins on ICSP connector. As far as MISO and MOSI are concerned, both are available just on the connector pads.

The revised Mega Proto Shield offers better functionality than of its previous versions. It comes with more space for custom circuit designs.