Arduino Mega ADK Rev3

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Arduino Mega ADK Rev3

Empowered with a blend of ATmega2560 microcontroller and MAX3421E IC, the Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 hits the market offering various upgraded features. The board facilitates the Android phone-connectivity via USB host interface. The digital I/O 54-pin configuration includes 15 PWM output channels and 16 analog outputs. Mega ADK also features auto-reset program which eliminates the requirement for a power button.

Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 Specifications

·         ATmega2560 Microcontroller

·         5V operating voltage support

·         From 7V to 12V input voltage recommended by Arduino

·         The voltage limit ranges from 6V to 20V

·         54 Digital input/output pins

·         15 PEM output channels

·         16 analog input pins

·         40mA Direct Current for each input/output pin

·         Supports 50mA Direct Current (3.3V pin)

·         256KB Flash Memory (8KB reserved for the bootloader)

·         8KB SRAM

·         4KB EEPROM

·         16MHz clock speed

·         MAX3421E USB Host Chip

·         L x W = 101.52mm x 53.3mm

·         Weighs only 36-grams

Arduino Mega ADK Rev3 Description

If only requires a USB connection to supply the power to Mega ADK, instead you can also use an external supply. The board is programmed to auto-select the source of power. You may use an AC-DC adapter if you want to use an external power supply. A battery will also serve the purpose. The board contains the power jack which receives the 2.1mm plug (Centre-Positive) to start getting the power. In the case of a battery, you need to connect the Vin and Gnd pin headers with the battery leads.

Please Note

Being a USB host, a phone will try to get charged by drawing power from the MEGA ADK. The phone requires 750mA, so it won’t suffice in the case of USB power supply (500mA). The external supply will suffice with 1500mA (750mA reserved for the phone.