Arduino / Genuino Multi-Language Starter Kit

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Still thinking of getting started with electro-coding on Arduino? Here comes the Arduino / Genuino Starter Kit Multi-Language to properly guide you through the coding process. The kit includes well-designed tutorial with step-by-step guidance. Don’t worry if you aren’t good at English because Arduino Starter Kit features multiple languages including French, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. 

Arduino Starter Kit (Multi-Language) Features

  • Step-by-step tutorials to guide you through Arduino electro-coding basics
  • Helps you create various projects. Beginning with this starter kit is more than fun alongside professional learning.
  • The guide contains over 15 projects featuring the useful electronic components.
  • The kit contains Arduino UNO Rev3
  • Multiple languages in addition to English

Projects in Arduino / Genuino Starter Kit

This impressive Arduino starter kit features the following project:

1. Get familiar with the basic and most useful tools with the starting project. This project allows you to know the basics of the most usual electronic tools. It opens the door to the magnificent Arduino world.

2. The second project introduces you to Spaceship Interface. You can design the Spaceship-Control Panel.

3. Want to know the heat level of your blood? Try Love-O-Meter project!

4. The Color-Mixing Lamp project helps you generate whatever color that pleases you.

5. Demonstrate your feeling with MOOD CUE!

6. Control the musical instrument through the hand-wave with the help of LIGHT THEREMIN project.

7. Turn your keyboard into a musical instrument via KEYBOARD INSTRUMENT project.

8. Create a modern variation of an hourglass through DIGITAL HOURGLASS project.

9. Spin your head with a color-wheel via MOTORIZED PINWHEEL project.

10. Create, play, forward and reverse a mechanical animation with the help of ZOETROPE.

11. Want to have answers to your trickiest questions? Try CRYSTAL BALL project!

12. Get the door-opening secret codes via KNOCK LOCK project.

Can’t ask for anything more!