Arduino Ethernet Rev3 With POE

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Arduino Ethernet Rev3 with POE

Arduino seems to rely extensively on ATmega328 by accompanying the microcontroller, this time, with Arduino Ethernet Rev3 with POE. Featuring 14 Digital I/O pins including 6 analog inputs, Ethernet promises a lot. The board facilitates a power jack, reset-button, RJ45 connectivity, 16MHz crystal oscillator and ICSP header. The auto-reset feature helps the continuous proceedings without requiring the halt the system before uploading the sketches.

Arduino Ethernet Rev3 with POE Specifications

·        ATmega328 Microcontroller

·        5V (Operating Voltage)

·        From 7V to 12V Input (plug) Voltage (as recommended by Arduino)

·        The voltage input plug limit ranges from 6V to 20V

·        From 36V to 57V PoE input Voltage range

·        14-pin Digital input/output interface including 4 PWM output channels

·        Pin-10 and Pin-13 are reserved for SPI

·        Pin-4 is reserved for SD card

·        Pin-2 reserved for W5100(bridged interrupt)

·        The boards carries 6 analog input pins

·        Supports 40mA Direct Current for each input/output pin

·        Capable of handling 50mA of direct current for 3.3V pin

·        32KB Flash Memory (0.5KB reserved for the bootloader)

·        2KB SRAM

·        1KB EEPROM

·        16MHz Clock Speed

·        Embedded Ethernet Controller featuring W5100 RCP/IP

·        Magnetic Jack for Ethernet Power

·        Active voltage translator enabled for the Micro SD card

·        L x W = 68.6mm x 53.3mm

·        Light-weight i.e. 28-grams

Arduino Ethernet Rev3 with POE

The board facilities the additional power for Ethernet module (optional). The Ethernet is not like you mostly see with various other boards. Ethernet Rec3 lacks the driver chip for USB-Serial, instead, there is a Wiznet Ethernet interface. The board comes with a microSD reader. It allows you to store files and retrieve them back from SD library.

The board facilitates the automatic upload of the sketches as it doesn’t require pressing the physical power button. The auto-reset features quickens things and eliminates any chances of stoppages in the proceedings.