Arduino Due

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Arduino Due

If you don’t want to stick to Arduino UNO as a beginner, it’s the right time to move on to an upgraded solution. Arduino Due is a promising board featuring 84MHz Processor (Atmel) with ARM-Cortex M3. The powerful processing combination helpful in developing the 3D printers as well as the drones.

Arduino Due Specifications

·         AT91SAM3X8E microcontroller

·         Supports 3.3V operating voltage

·         From 7V to 12V input voltage (Arduino recommended)

·         From 6V to 16V input limit

·         54 Digital Input/Output Pins including 12 PWM channels  

·         12 analog input pins

·         2 x DAC analog output pins

·         130mA Direct Output Current (total for all lines)

·         800mA 3.3V pins Direct Current

·         800mA 5V-pins Direct Current

·         512KB Flash Memory

·         96KB SRAM divided into 64KB and 32KB banks

·         84MHz clock speed

·         L x W = 101.52mm x 53.3mm

·         Weights just 36-grams

Arduino Due Description

The 7-years of hard work have finally paid as Arduino releases its most updated and stable open source hardware. Arduino has come a long way since its Cortex M3 ARM 1.0 Arduino release back in 2011.  Arduino Due features advanced options to help you polish your creative skills. It is more efficient than its predecessors. The connectivity features have improved as well.

If you are the one capable of dealing with advanced electro-coding, this board is an ideal option. It’ll help you with advanced and complex computing. This is the latest solution for high-end projects such as drone-remote-control with quick and highly responsive sensors.

Even if, being a student, you’re not satisfied having to stick with the basics, the low price allows you to fulfill your desire of raising your level. If you love challenges, try working on Arduino Due, you’ll definitely enjoy it and hopefully polish your skills in a better way. Wish you best of luck!