Arduino 101

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Arduino 101

You love the classics? Arduino brings a good news for all the developers who love working on the classic boards but are hoping for assistance to expand the board’s functionality by adding new technological features. Arduino 101 is an excellent blend efficiency and user-friendliness. It is easy to work with and doesn’t require time-consuming efforts to arrange the mechanism.

Arduino 101 Specifications

·         Arduino 101 features Intel Curie Microcontroller

·         The board features 5V input/output operating voltage for 3.3V

·         The board features a input voltage range from 7V to 17V, though Arduino recommends to stick within 7V-12V limit

·         Arduino 101 offers 14 digital input/output pins

·         4 out of 14 pins are specified to PWM input/output channels

·         6 out of 14 digital pins have been allocated to analog input

·         The board supports 20mA direct current for each input/output pin

·         The Intel Curie Microprocessor is supported by 196KB Flash Memory

·         24KB SRAM

·         An impressive 32MHz clock speed (double than most of the Arduino boards)

·         13 LED_BUILIN

·         Bluetooth LE

·         Features an Accelerometer (6-Axis)

·         Contains a Gyroscope

·         L x W = 68.6mm x 53.4mm

·         Weighs only 34-grams

Arduino 101 Description

Arduino breaks it convention by replacing ATmega Microcontroller with Intel Curie Microcontroller and it allows Arduino 101 stand out of the entire Arduino line. Most of the Arduino boards feature 16KB clock speed but it is nice to see a huge shift i.e. 32KB clock speed.

Arduino 101 is fast, efficient and better in terms of memory and speed. The board is capable of recognizing gestures. It also features a gyroscope as well as an accelerometer. It also makes things convenient for the programmers by allowing them use their phones in order to control their projects. The Bluetooth connectivity helps you link the phone with the board. It is equally fruitful for both, learners as well as experienced developers.