Raspberry Pi 5-tums HDMI-pekskärm

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Here comes the cute little beauty! 5-inch HDMI Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi is not only simple, compact, attractive but is also highly effective in terms of performance. This touchscreen is compatible with all computers which feature HDMI output. You smart design of the screen helps to mount it on to the rail or a case without any complication. The magical screen also allows video decoding, thanks to its TFP401. AR1100 USB driver enables the touch-mode.


  • High-Quality i.e. 800x480 resolution
  • USB resistive (AR1100 driver) touch control
  • Plug & Play
  • No need to look for the additional drivers
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu Mate, Raspbian and NOOBS
  • Angstrom, Debian, and BeagleBone Supported
  • Additional compatibility with Mac. And Windows Operating Systems
  • Intel MiniPC Support
  • Consumption backlight ensures Ultra-Low Power
  • Compact size (133x76x7mm)
  • Light as a feather (120-grams only)

Inside the Box!

  • 5- inch HDMI Touch Screen
  • 1 x HDMI connector
  • 1 x Copper Cylinder
  • 1 x Touch-Pen

Working Quality

The high-resolution (800x480) makes it ideal for running the latest software. Anything below this quality would result in a disappointment with not-responding software and thankfully, this is not the case with this 5-inch HDMI touchscreen. The small size of the screen is perfect to carry out embedded and portable projects. Just a single USB port is enough to feed the display unit with the required power. Thanks to the backlight current (Ultra-Low Power) the consumption is as low as 500mA. If you are not satisfied, try half-brightness backlight to make it consume just 375mA.

5” HDMI Touch Screen has been primarily designed for single-board PCs and works at its best with Raspberry Pi (all models) and BeagleBone (Black). Though you can use this screen with any computer with HDMI output.

At such a low price, the purchase is definitely a steal.

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