4 Digital Display With Adjustable Brightness LED Module Clock

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Are you ready to bring in a touch of class in combination with digital precision? Get ready to be amazed with the new 4 Digital Display with Adjustable Brightness LED Module Clock. The outlook is highly sophisticated and somewhat classic at the same time. The finishing of the module is impressive. This 12-ft 4-pints (0.36”) module features TM1637 IC. It only requires a couple of signal lines to enable SCM LED (8-Segment). 

Features of 4 Digital Display LED Module Clock 

  • This module features adjustable brightness
  • Contains male-red digital tube display
  • Supports 5V and 3.3V level control interface
  • The installation becomes super easy, thanks to 4x screw holes (M2)
  • Interface module: 4 digital display

4 Digital Display LED Module Clock Description 

This impressive module clock features 4 pins:

  • GND pin
  •  DIO pin
  •  CLK pin
  •  VCC pin 

The GND pin responds to the ground, whereas the DIO pin responds to the input/output. The CLK pin signifies the Clock Signal pin. And the last, VCC pin signifies the power supply.

The digital tube features the popular and commonly used score points (anode). The LED 0.36” offers a perfect visibility even from a distance. The LED features RED, the color specified for the digital clocks for over a couple of decades.

The module features fours (one on each corner) positioning holes. The diameter of the positioning holes is 2.2mm and they have been configured for M2 screws.

The white rectangular casing with black top gives a nice outlook to the module. The chip-edges are slightly curved. The design is excellent, outlook is professional and decent and positioning of the components is well balanced. This is something you can’t ignore especially when it doesn’t disturb your budget by any means.