Orange Pi Cases, Boards & Accessories

When you talk about popularity and widespread use, Orange Pi doesn’t hold back. The power of Linux makes Orange Pi one of the most recommended mini-PC for all types of digital developers. These single-board computers are compatible with various operating systems.

Most of the gaming-geeks prefer Orange Pi to build enticing games. In addition, Orange Pi stands out when it comes to making create HD videos, music, sound effects, wireless servers, and Android Apps.

At KKSB, we not only offer Orange Pi PCs and accessories but we also offer our own cases for Orange Pi boards. Pricing is the key here. Often people don’t want to spend on anything other than the PCs because it violates their budget constraints. Keeping this in view, we at KKSB keep coming with extremely cost-effective solutions. Every single KKSB case for Orange Pi is designed for a particular Orange Pi board to exactly match the requirements.

Because we are the only metal case producers for Mini PCs, we have the leverage of bringing the pricing down to suit our customers. You don’t find such cases anywhere else. These cases are made of high-grade metals. The finishing is super-clean and the design is compact. Scroll down to check out what we offer!