KKSB Odroid H2 Case



The case has space for two 2.5" SSD.

Optional is to buy the Odroid fan 92mm x 92mm, it can be installed in the top of the case and blows air through the enclosure on the heatsink and surrounding parts. It has to be purchased separately.

The case is made of black powder-coated steel and with two blue anodized pushbuttons for reset and power on the top. Vent holes and other cutouts make the case accessible from the outside.

Rubber feet make the case stable and safe.

To mount the push buttons, First put them on the boards push buttons, then close move the lid downwards carefully, With another stick or small screwdriver, guide the push button top into the hole.

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This case is amazing!

First off, the only down side was the shipping took longer than I anticipated (about 3 1/2 weeks until I received it), but that happens sometimes internationally. Now on to the review of the case itself. The case came with 2 different sets of fan screws, one large "standard" set, which didn't work with my fan. But they also include 4 long screws and nuts which worked perfectly to secure the fan to the case. There are also 8 SSD mounting screws and my case came with an additional 10 (only 8 are needed) screws to close the case itself (I assume extra are included as they are very tiny). As another reviewer pointed out, there were no instructions included on what goes where, but it's fairly self-explanatory and there are videos on both the KKSB site as well as on Ameridroid on how to assemble the case, so it's not that difficult to figure it out with no instructions.
For anyone who still has concerns, here's my breakdown of what screws go to what components:
4 thick screws are for fan mounting if your fan has threads (These did not work for my fan, which was purchased directly from Hardkernel)
4 long screws with nuts are also for fan mounting. If the thick screws work for you, then you won't need these.
The remaining screws are all very similar, but if you look closely at them, there are some with a rounded head, this shape: ( )
And the others are slanted on the bottom, such as this: \ /
The rounded heads are for the SSD mounting screws. The slanted ones are for assembling the case itself. This is so when you screw the slanted ones into the case, the outside of them is flush with the surface and is flat and looks nice. The round ones are internal so you won't see them, anyway, but they match every SSD mounting screw I've seen in 5+ years of PC building.
The case is super solid and well built and looks sleek and stylish sitting on my desk. I am extremely pleased with this purchase and will DEFINITELY be doing future business with KKSB on my next SBC project!

No instructions sent

No instructions were sent on how to assemble the case. The video did not clearly show what each of the different parts were, especially the screws. If I had some instructions, I would consider giving the product a higher review.


It's good.


KKSB Odroid H2 Case