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KKSB ODROID C4 Case with Fan

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The KKSB ODROID C4 Case is designed for the ODROID-C4 board, featuring space for a heatsink and a CPU cooling fan. The metal case is powder-coated black and has top air-vents.

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Technical Details
  • Designed and Manufactured by KKSB Cases
  • Made of reliable metal alloy
  • Powder-coated surface finished in black color
  • Designed for ODROID-C4 Board
  • Comes with a CPU Cooling Fan
  • Air-vents on top of the case for fan and along the case walls
  • Pre-cut holes for wall mounting and DIN Rail Clip (DIN Rail Clip is NOT included)
  • 4x Rubber Feet
  • Cutouts for ODROID-C4 connectors and GPIO Expansion Header
Outer Dimensions


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Compact Yet Practical Design

The ODROID-C4 has 4x USB 3.0 HOST ports, a Micro USB 2.0 Port, an RJ45 Ethernet Port, an eMMC Socket, a Micro SD Slot, and an HDMI 2.0 interface. Not only that the KKSB ODROID-C4 case has cutouts for all major C4 connectors but it also has a removable panel to access the GPIO Extension Header. This metal case for ODROID-C4 has sufficient space to accommodate the C4 board with heatsink mounted on it.

Surface Mounting Options

For better stability on flat surfaces, the KKSB ODROID-C4 case comes with 4x rubber feet. Along the bottom, you can see two pre-cut wall-mounting holes so that you can mount the case easily on a vertical surface. The case also has 4 tiny holes to let you attach the DIN Rail Clip in case if you want. You do not have to go through too many modifications to make it compatible with different settings.

Some Examples of Possible Applications

  • Home Media Center: The ODROID-C4 board is a powerful single-board computer that can be used as a media center with the help of software like Kodi. This Odroid C4 metal case with active cooling will provide efficient heat management for the board and protect it from dust and physical damage.
  • Industrial Automation: This Odroid C4 case with pre-cut holes for wall-mounting and DIN Rail Clip support can be used in industrial settings for automation and control applications. The compact yet practical design of this Odroid C4 enclosure will make it easy to install and protect the ODROID-C4 board in harsh environments.
  • DIY Projects: This Odroid C4 case with cutouts for all major ODROID-C4 connectors and GPIO Expansion Header can be used in various DIY projects like robotics, IoT, and home automation. The case will provide a secure and stable platform for the board with easy access to all connectors.
  • Educational Projects: The ODROID-C4 board is an excellent platform for learning computer programming and electronics. Odroid C4 metal case with a removable panel to access the GPIO Extension Header and surface mounting support will make it easy for students and teachers to work with the board in a safe and organized manner.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS): The ODROID-C4 board can be used to build a low-cost and energy-efficient Network Attached Storage (NAS) system. The KKSB Odroid C4 case with 4x USB 3.0 HOST ports, an RJ45 Ethernet Port, and an eMMC Socket will provide easy connectivity for external storage devices and network access.

Some Reasons to Choose this Case

  • Efficient Heat Management: This Odroid C4 case comes with a CPU Cooling Fan and air-vents on the top and sides of the case to ensure efficient heat dissipation, keeping your ODROID-C4 board cool even during heavy usage.
  • Durable and Reliable: Made of a reliable metal alloy, this case is sturdy and can protect your ODROID-C4 board from physical damage, dust, and other environmental factors.
  • Easy Access to Connectors: This Odroid C4 metal case has cutouts for all major ODROID-C4 connectors and a removable panel to access the GPIO Extension Header, making it easy for you to connect peripherals and work with the board.
  • Compact Yet Practical Design: The case is designed to fit the ODROID-C4 board perfectly, with sufficient space to accommodate the board with heatsink mounted on it. The case is also surface-mountable, and it comes with 4x rubber feet for better stability on flat surfaces.
  • Versatile Applications: This metal case for Odroid C4 can be used in various applications, including home media centres, industrial automation, DIY projects, educational projects, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems.

Items Included

  • 1x KKSB ODROID-C4 Case
  • 4x Rubber Feet
  • 1x Cooling Fan
  • Assembly Screws

Customer Reviews

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George Dragan
Nice housing but lousy fan

Good looking piece, my advice would be to loose the fan and to go fanless, temp will not mount over 50 C.