Nvidia Cases

The company sparked first in 1999 when it introduced gaming solutions with revolutionary graphics and computing. NVIDIA also takes pride in elevating the use of AI in gaming. Apart from gaming, NVIDIA makes use of its powerful technology to assist the modern-day automobile industry.

Computing is the hunting ground for the modern-day Da Vinci’s because they hold the power of shaping the future to define the ways we live and entertain ourselves. NVIDIA is the name that first comes to mind when we talk about supercharge computing. 

We at KKSB feel proud to do something that enhances the power of NVIDIA’s Jetson Nano. Our designers have done a tremendous job to come up with the perfect metal case for Jetson Nano. The KKSB Jetson Nano case is designed in such a way that it allows the heat to leave the system as quickly as possible.

Jetson Nano is known for super-processing and it comes at a cost; extensive heat release! Without a smart design, you can’t expect any case to deal with this problem. Our designers have done a great job to make it compatible with the heatsink. You find all of our NVIDIA cases below!