KKSB Jetson Nano Case + Noctua Fan


This is KKSB case for NVidia Jetson Nano made of metal.

Assembly instructions for KKSB Jetson Nano Case

The design is done considering the heat from the board. There is plenty of openings in the case to blow hot air out and cold air in.

On the board's integrated heatsink is space to mount a 40x40 fan. For example 40x40x20, or 40x40x10. We recommend the Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX fan for the Jetson Nano. The fan is included in the price.

The board is placed on self-clinching standoffs on the bottom part and the top part is assembled with screws for a secure mounting.

Both the top and bottom part are made of steel to support the thin structure. They are coated with powder coat.

Jetson Nano can run AI algorithms with 472 GFLOPs. It can run many systems in parallel and use of high-resolution sensors. This makes it great for Network Video Recorder. We supply as standard a camera mount for the Jetson Nano that optional can be connected to the case. The camera arm is adjustable for different camera directions.

Those two fans are compatible with the arm:

  1. Raspberry Pi Camera Board v2
  2. e-CAM30_CUNANO - 3.4 MP NVIDIA® Jetson NANO™ Camera

There is for rubber feet for stability and protection and there is mounting holes 70x75 mm on the underside.

The case is both for industrial and hobby use.

Wiring instruction how to connect the cables for the power button, Noctua fan & reset button.

Connect as below. If not using a micro USB for power supply also connect the two pins to the right.

We recommend the user to use elastics or zip tie. See how to connect the fan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Solid case, but hope it fits external Wifi + BT antennae

I hope the case allow the easy fitting of external Wifi + BT antennae

Fast and good quality

A very good case and fast delivery. This product fits very good and easy to mount.

Two minor details is that the cables are a bit to long and no instructions to connect everything.

Solid, beautiful case. Missing instructions

Received the case, including fan and all screws to mount camera. In the end everything worked fine. The fan starts working when the cpu becomes hot and the camera is mounted nicely. But it was a bit of a puzzle to figure out which screws are required for what. For the camera I had to increase screw holes otherwise the screws do not fit.

Very nice boxes

Very stylish and functional boxes. I bought three, will be buying more.

Excellent case providing ‘best’ solution

Design is with exact fit and easy assemble. Quality of product is top-notch.
The button assemblies are with extra long wire-harnesses that are easy to install based on instructions on the KKBS site.
WIFI provisions are to be defined.