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Arduino casesWhen it comes to convenient hardware/software solution and bridging across devices, Arduino stands out. KKSB offers comprehensive range of Arduino Cases, Boards, Shields, Docks and Sensors at affordable price. In addition to the Arduino products, we take pride in designing exclusive Arduino Project Cases. Arduino has already gained significant popularity due to the compatibility, bridging, and Operating System Support.

Here at KKSB you can browse through our supply of Arduino products and cases. We have Arduino UNO Rev3, Arduino ZERO, Arduino NANO, Arduino Due, Arduino 4 Relays Shield, Arduino Esplora, Arduino Micro, Ethernet Rev3 without PoE, Arduino Leonardo, Multilanguage Starter Kit, MKR Proto Shield, Arduino Docks and many more products.

Arduino cases & boards from KKSB

Arduino has managed to make a huge impact on digital-makers worldwide. These boards are equally recommended to the students, hobbyists, and professional developers. The best thing about Arduino is its knowledge-sharing community that offers tips and tutorials for all.

Arguably the world’s leading open-source ecosystem, Arduino continues to open doors to new horizons for the developers looking to make their name through creativity. The experts call Arduino the heaven of IoT developers. STEM/STEAM education doesn’t get better than what you have with the Arduino community.

Arduino is perhaps the most recommended platform for the learners. Since the launch in 2005, Arduino boards have helped thousands of students worldwide who later became professional microcontroller experts.

At KKSB, we offer a complete range of Arduino products including cases, boards, docks, shields, and sensors at highly competitive prices. We have an edge over competitors because KKSB designs and makes metallic cases for Arduino boards. Our cases are available in a couple of variants, i.e. Silver (Stainless Steel) and Black (Aluminum). These powder-finished cases carry a professional outlook with aesthetic appeal. Our Arduino metal cases are much more reliable as compared to acrylic and plastic cases.

This is what you can do with Arduino

An Arduino board can work with input/output. Contol thinks with sensors or buttons. It can activate LEDs or publish something online. It is easy to use with its software and hardware. Arduino uses Arduino Software (IDE). But the programming depends on the application and wiring. Another good thing is that Arduino is open source. The software, too, is open-source, and it is growing through the contributions of users worldwide.

The Arduino circuit board is now the brain in several projects around the worls. Both in hobby projects, for example, 3d printers and in advanced applications. The experience of using the Arduino is that it is very user-friendly but still widely flexible to fit advanced users.